iPhone 8 Released Next Year

iPhone 8 Logo

iPhone 8 Logo

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Apple’s flagship device, so at least for now. Both the latest smartphone artificial Cupertino-based company claimed the best-selling sweet Jet Black color, which turns out to be simply reaping the positive response in the market.

At the same time, the news reserved iPhone 8 well had flourished on the internet.

Though now still so golden moments courtesy of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 8 name, suddenly so warm discussions of the Apple Fanboy (the term user hard-line Apple devices) in social media.

The reason, the logo of the iPhone 8 had which documents and make them astonished, what the logo is actually a teaser from the iPhone 8?

Lived had lived, Patently Apple page on Monday (26/9/2016), revealing that this logo originally appeared in Apple’s trademark track record in Hong Kong.

The question of the validity of whether such logo iPhone 8 teaser, so he could not be sure that the logo was there relation to iPhone devices.

Apple itself does not raise the mysterious logo talk. Note, the iPhone still 8 ‘ taboo ‘ talk about considering they should focus boost iPhone sales 7 and 7 Plus first.

Remembering the year 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, likely they wanted to shake-off moment by presenting a different iPhone series from all existing iPhone series.

Apple also like to direct puts the iPhone with a round number, IE 8 and put it with new features rather than the series ‘ S ‘ that just having a bit of an update.


iPhone 7 Equipped with Large Capacity Memory?

The latest leaks about the iPhone series re-appeared on the internet. This time a leak mentions that Apple will embed the memory capacity and a larger battery for the iPhone is expected to be named the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Memory
iPhone 7

Citing information from the page International Business Times, Tuesday (01/05/2016), Apple plans to provide a choice of internal memory capacity of 256 GB. This amount is clearly greater than the previous iPhone series that only has the largest memory capacity of 128 GB. Continue reading

Which iPhone 7 Should You Buy?

To the extent the cost is concerned, the iPhone is the most costly handset in the business sector and with the iPhone 7, this pattern continues through to the end. Returning to the outline of this recently discharged handset, I need to say that it is moved forward. Every one of us were expecting an extraordinary configuration this time. Apple iPhone 7 is one of the most slender and sleekest handsets. Continue reading

How Do You Think About iPhone 7?

25345With metronomic exactness, Apple discharged another iPhone this September, with all the typical hullaballoo you generally expect from an occasion from the Cupertino outfit. To some degree blandly named the iPhone 7, the gadget is made of more grounded materials, and is a bit heavier than the iPhone 7, truth be told. On the other hand, this implies it feels better in the hand, and you don’t need to always stress over neglecting it out of your paws and remorselessly acquainting it with the floor each time you lift it up. Stunningly better, this implies you are less inclined to stick it for a situation and darken every one of those fine chamfers (that Sir Jony Ive likes to ramble about) and accuracy behind some outsider, horrendously planned case. Continue reading

Using The iPhone Manual Camera Application to Shoot the Best Picture

iPhone Camera
iPhone Camera

iPhone seems to increase the feature of the hardware for the new generation of it. For you who love the iPhone and have been used iPhone for some generation, you will realize how awesome your recent iPhone camera now. You can capture and shoots the pictures easily with using this smartphone. The pictures also have the awesome quality. Is it enough for you to use the original camera application on your iPhone? One thing that you need to know, your iPhone camera can capture and shoots the better picture with the high resolution and quality if you use the iPhone manual camera application to set the manual feature of the camera such as the ISO, focus, exposure and many more.

There are so many iPhone manual camera applications that can be found on the apple application store (appstore). You can find the manual camera application for free. But, not all of the application free, some of them also have a price. You should have to read the feature of the camera application before you download it because not all of the camera applications have the same features. Some of them only have the filter features. So, if you download this kind of application, you will not found the manual camera setting for your iPhone camera.

Are you interested to try the manual camera application? For suggestion in order not to make you disappointed after download the application, you would be better to look for the review of the iPhone manual camera applications too. You can read somebody review on the review page while you open the download menu on the application store. There are also any features to rate the applications. You can also choose based on the ratings of the application. If the application is has the good rate, so, it worth to try.

iPhone 7 User Manual Guide

iPhone 7 User Manual Guide – Apple’s iPhone 7 is one of the best handsets for mates of electronic contraptions. It is essential that clients know about however many iPhone 7 tips as could be allowed. In the event that you happen to be the proprietor of this device then it is just common that you would need to think about the different iPhone 7 guide┬áthat arrive. Apple has made such a large number of things accessible to its clients and given beneath are an arrangement of each one of those vital tips that will help in a superior client experience.


Apple’s iPhone 7 is one of the best handsets for significant others of electronic contraptions. It is vital that clients know about however many iPhone 7 tips as could be expected under the circumstances. On the off chance that you happen to be the proprietor of this contraption then it is just characteristic that you would need to think about the different iPhone 7 manual┬áthat arrive. Apple has made such a variety of things accessible to its clients and given underneath are a gathering of each one of those essential tips that will help in a superior client experience.

As a rule utilize, the operation of the iPhone programming has not by any stretch of the imagination changed. So far have seen a couple of contrasts, the principle one being the utilization of nameable organizers for capacity of your applications. This makes the administration of various applications much less demanding as you can isolate them as you wish, (for example, putting every one of your amusements into one organizer).

Moving applications obliges you to just press and hold the application symbol until it shakes and a cross shows up in the upper left hand corner. You can then drag them around or naturally make another envelope by putting one application onto another. Applications can likewise be erased or modified utilizing this strategy.

Another slick expansion is the capacity to set customized foundations from either Apple’s own wallpaper or one of your own photos. The capacity to set distinctive wallpapers for both landing page and the menu foundation are likewise present.

The revamped iPhone 7 are supplied with the very same producers guarantee ought to anything turn out badly with the telephone that is not client blunder and come boxed (ordinarily supplanted with a standard box) with the pertinent frill, charger, earphones and manual.

Most retailers express that there may be minor harm to the bundling because of the telephone as of now being conveyed once before and also minor defects in the look of the handset itself, however with the enormously diminished evaluating for these ‘by new’ telephones numerous buyers are willing to take up these much more moderate offers.

It stays to be seen whether future creation renditions of the iPhone (counting the white iPhone 7) will offer a fix for the receiving wire issues as the issue of free iPhone guards truly isn’t a palatable arrangement. This is something to pay special mind to on the off chance that you are in the business sector for an iPhone 7 Manual.